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The narrative for Tomorrow is inspired by therapy. One of the most precious and deepest techniques used in therapy for childhood trauma is to "hold your younger self" or to "forgive your younger self". The visual for this is written all over the music video concept. Taking children/artists with real events from all walks of life and re-enacting them in each verse. Putting emphasis on the LBGT community and plus size community. All coming together at the end.


The further the video goes on, the more theatrical it gets. The more dancing there is. The more vibrant the colors are. The more people there are. 

Mista Chrish is an openly gay viral ticktock / Instagram user for his hilarious videos but also his operatic voice. I think it would be amazing to feature him somewhere in this video.

Erik Cavanaugh is a plus size ballet dancer that was on the X Factor a few years ago. He was the first person I thought of when writing the first dance number.

Jeffree Star should direct this video.



Scene begins with child (young Eliza / age 6-8) grinning, writing on herself with Sharpie. Childs parents come up to her, scold her and take a marker away.

Child cries and doesn’t understand. And goes into her bedroom with the door shut.


Close up of her arm with sharpie written all over is shown and match cuts to grown up Eliza’s arm with tattoos.


Grown up Eliza walks into her childhood bedroom to be with her child self and they begin to sing the chorus of  Tomorrow together.


They look at each other and grown up Eliza kneels down to be at eye level as


Child Eliza sings “I’ve crawled through windows I’ve missed”


Grown up Eliza: “in a year though, look back from a higher ground. Kid, look at you now”


Child Eliza: “and in the end was it all a dream? Painting dead grass green? …What a loser…”


Together “all I can see is tomorrow”


Verse 2 (Mistachrish. Gay Viral ticktock/instagram user and singer)


(Erik Cavanaugh)


Young Erik is in the back seat of a mini van on his way to dance practice with his parents in the front seat. They wave him off to class.


When he gets there he sees kids making fun of him and laughing about his size.


In the mirror behind him you see older Erik come into frame. And they both start an in sync dance number until the end of the chorus


Both characters run out the door together and meet young and older Eliza in the driveway as they run….


Close up of a young boy in middle school putting fake nails on his fingers. And watching videos of Freddie Mercury on a projector screen in his bedroom.

His abusive father walks in the room and takes the finger nails away and starts hurting him.


Older version walks into the room and shoves the father out of the way, tears in the eyes, and holds his younger self.


And sings “kid look at you now”


Wipes the tears from each others eyes and runs out the door to meet both Erik’s and Eliza’s outside the door. With an army of other “misfits” outside.


Singing “all I can see is tomorrow”


Weaving in and out of dance numbers, celebration and a giant parade. Everyone sings and celebrates holding hands with their younger selves.

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