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"Strange Times" is an exaggerated true event. Where two friends hike and trespass to the Hollywood sign. After dark they realize the Griffith Park gate has closed and they're trapped in the park. They recline their seats back and stare at the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of the car. And trip on brownies until a whimsical experience sucks them into the stars themself.

The video is shot partially in Super 8/Super 16.

Video opens with two friends sliding down handrails in a hotel. Seemingly abandoned. Smiling. Laughing. 











Characters are seen walking down a street in Hollywood Boulevard. Walking into shops, riding bites, sitting on the ground eating cafe food. This whole video is extremely candid and natural. 

Characters are seen inside of car driving up to a hiking trail. And a view of them hiking up a trail to the Hollywood Sign with a guitar on their backs is apparent.

Both characters are seen sitting on top / near the sign and its sunset. One character is playing the guitar. Relaxing in the mountains near the sign. A close up of "no trespassing" is shown.

As they hike back to their car they realize the park gates have closed and that they're locked inside the park.

They recline the seats and gaze at the stars on the ceiling of the car. One pulls out brownies that were in his/her pocket while they wait for the gate to open. And they both trip while looking at stars on the ceiling, dive into the stars, and enter a world where they become one with the night sky.


The video ends when the screen fades to black, and the characters wake up in the same parking spot they were in. Welcomed by sunrise and the park gates opening.

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