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In 2018, I spent four months out of the year living in an airbnb in san antonio texas. I spent a lot of that time staying up late playing music, making warm pancakes in the morning, and listening to hozier's album on repeat.

the coolest thing about extended stay airbnb is that they all feel like old homes and will always be sentimental to re-visit. this is a highlight reel, or now, a "home video" of some of the best moments that summer.

Video production and editing by Eliza Grace

Song credit: Blue Skies by Noah And The Whale

Yurts. Autumn. Campfires. It was like something out of a book.

Video production and editing by Eliza Grace
Song credit: Two by Sleeping At Last
Recently I’ve been reflecting a lot on how valuable time is. And how short life is. And how that isn’t something we can’t opt out of. And how serious life is but also how it’s something meant to enjoy and cherish. The thought of something here so short and gone so quickly is hard for me to wrap my head around these days. Sometimes it’s a very emotional thought. But all the more heart pours into these little highlight reels. The time spent in Arizona was swimming through fresh water canyons and cliff jumping, it was haunted cities build into the sides of mountains, it was breath taking views from horseshoe bend, it was night trips in a pickup truck with no license plate.
Video production and editing by Eliza Grace Song credit: Nine by Sleeping At Last