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Face it. We're living in a visual world. Tiktok and Instagram are the leading platform in content and you don't want to create a synchronized dance routine to soundcloud rap or write skits.


Most artists hate making content and they feel cringe while doing it.


That's where I come in! The key to good content is not taking it too seriously and keeping all of your unique authentic energy somewhere in there. Let me help you capture it!




This package includes everything you need to try some new things out on your socials, introduce a new rebrand, or make a first impression!

  • 5 videos (1920 x 1080)

  • 10 candid photos of you working in the studio

*price includes cost of cyc wall, green screen, and black wall rentals in content studio if needed.*

*all content delivered within 14 days


This package is the perfect amount of content for a whole month. 3 posts per week + photos for your stories or separate posts. Just enough to keep up with the algorithm without stressing you tf out.

  • 12 videos (1920 x 1080)

  • 12 candid images of you working in studio.

*price includes cost of cyc wall, green screen, and black wall rentals in content studio.*

*all content delivered within 21 days

Documentary+ - 1,200

The holy grail of packages. This package includes...

  • 10 short form videos (1920 x 1080)

  • 10 candid images

  • One 7-10 minute documentary (1080-1920) showing the journey of your entire unique in-studio process, writing, the funny moments, etc. To share with your fans during or following your release.

  • A simple yet custom release schedule for your content.

*for documentary packages we will work together on your studio schedule, times for me to come in and what parts of your sessions you would prefer to capture! Along with both staged and candid scenes to your preference. All short form videos will either be recycled from the documentary, or be out-takes from the doc. Recommended to be used as teasers or samples. All content in package delivered within 6 weeks.

Add ons:

Promos - $300-500

10 stylized promos fully retouched within 21 days. Come up with a concept, then we'll create a vision board and get weird with it. 

1920 X 1080 CONTENT



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