Hey friends, I'm Eliza. 

You'll notice if you go through my portfolio you'll find anything from concert photography, to fashion to lifestyle. I can't seem to decide which one I love most, so I've just decided to work with the diversity that I'm gifted through road trips and meeting friends.

I travel internationally for fun. Culture, people, landscape. It makes my heart melt and my soul fly. So you're not out of reach and no concept is out of question. I live for meeting new people and new experiences. On top of travel, I'm a multi-published photographer, and you can find more about that on this page if you keep reading. I capture on anything from my Canon 5D, to an instant film and sometimes even illustrate over a photo afterwards if I'm feeling super creative.​ :)

Shoot me a message and let's connect!


Elegant Magazine | August 2019 | Sensual

Elegant Magazine | August 2019 | Sensual

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